Yes, my head was bobbing up and down like riding a bronco horse !

May 14 2017 News Update by Ivan

Jordan, MT to Miles City, MT 84 miles

I failed to mention on May 13 blog. Ranchers are having trouble with coyotes killing their sheep and baby calves. This one rancher been so upset every time he shoots one he hangs it out on his fence at the end of his driveway. I stop and the smell was so bad, had more laying on the ground.

I do have it in Miles City but not data where my GPS will work and I don't think I will have phone service tomorrow I am heading to Baker, MT and might not have good service through the day until I get into SD.

I trek south on 59, beautiful country it was rolling lots of cattle grazing and farming and also just Baron ground.

I was told its going to be a rough road. Last night a older Rancher came to see the JD A and I was telling him about the last 20 miles being so rough their were tracks across the road and the front being solid he suggested leaving some air out of the front tires. I knew that but forgot about it.

I was heading down and yes my head was bobbing up and down like I was riding a bronco of a horse. I stop and left 10 pounds of air of the front tires and it surly was better continue down the road and stop again and left 5 more pounds out and it started riding better why I didn't think of that but thank you and it surely made it a better ride..

I saw 40 antelopes some had young ones by their side and 16 deer, it kept me from getting bored.

Stop a number of times to rest and make coffee and every time someone would stop and made sure I was OK.

One rancher stop he was on his way to church and said he live in the valley and heard me come down the hill and going back up it was music to his ears, hearing that two cylinder go by.

He gave a nice donation.

Stop along the road when I saw a old house. I walk in to take some pictures and soon a truck came pulling in and said thanks for bring awareness for our veterans.

My Grandfather live in that house and raise his family and he is a World War 11 veteran.

Raise two girls and he said the one is my mum and later they build the homestead where we live now and farm.

He came out here and split up this land to make up these large ranches, the fields were longer than I could see.

I had driven by their homestead and saw all the big equipment..

He said his no til seeder is 54 feet wide and they now make them 60 ft.

His sprayer booms are over a 100 ft.

Continue on down toward Miles City pass where they were having a large rodeo today.

that last 20 miles I thought I would never get there I was still tired from yesterday and now running 80 plus miles today.

One more long day and I think my camp sites will be closer together.

Heading to Baker, MT not sure if I have service but we are getting their one mile at a time, thanks for all your prayers for safety and Johnabilt running smoothly.