World Wide College of Auction school in Mason City

June 8 & 9 2017 Update by Ivan

June 8 - Smiley has 820 miles on this trip

Went out for breakfast with Smiley, came back and hung out at the camp grounds I think I am about rested up enough and itching to move further east.

In the afternoon rode Smiley 9 miles to Wal-mart and Att store to have my phone checked out.

Rest of the day hung out at the campground. I think I am about rested up enough.

Had a number of campers stop by and veterans thanking and wanting to know about our mission.

June 9 It's to go up to mid 90's today.

This is teaching me patience, holding out here this week. I couldn't ask for a nicer campground at Clear Lake State Park.

Looking forward meeting Paul Behr and Vicky Ginder owners of World Wide College of Auctioneering school in Mason City, Iowa. Talked to Vicky this morning and she ask if I would stop by around 10.30 must of the students will be arriving around that time.

My neighbor camp site was a veteran.

Tomorrow Johnabilt,Rooster,Smiley and Teddy will be going to Auction School. Will be interesting if Johnabilt will be able to do the famous tongue twister Betty Botter. between his put put.