Visiting Dixon Veterans Memorial - Gearing up for This Saturday and Sunday

June 26 & 27, 2017 News Update by Ivan

Visiting Dixon Veterans Memorial - Gearing up for This Saturday and Sunday

une 26

I headed into the town of Oregon on Smiley for breakfast and stop at the hardware and grocery store, pick up some milk.

My good friend Dennis King with Fox news is sending a crew out to film Johnabilt and talk about our mission on Tuesday so I decided to ride Smiley in to Dixon and scout the area in case they wanted to film in Dixon.

I put a lot of miles on. Had my GPS on trying to find VFW and sun was so bright I had to stop and kneel down and cover my phone so I could see the screen? People thought there was something wrong with me kneeling down beside the road.

I did find the VFW and they were happy to see me. I had stop in there in 2014.

I got a call from Jim Olson, they are back from Pa and we met at the Dixon Veterans Memorial. Had a nice visit with the folks in the office and hoping to do a camera shoot their before I leave.

June 27

The camera crew and reporters are coming out to meet me at the Hansen’ Hideaway Campground to spend a day with me filming.

I am excited, trying to get Johnabilt looking good shining up the rooster and yes making sure Smiley is clean.

They arrived 10; 30 and decided they wanted to do a lot of filming right here at the campground before we head out on the road.

They were so nice and real Professionals, it was a fun day spending time with the whole crew.

They did lot of drone shots and filming throughout the day.

I felt bad for the Robert Lee, cameraman in the cab with me, he has to have back ache by now. Holding his big camera and the two of us and not much room, at one point he needed to sit on the floor with his legs wrap around my gear shifts and me trying to shift, we had some good laughs..

He has 30 years of experience and knew what he was doing with the shots he was taking. You just realize the hard work that goes into of getting a good story and the one camera weighs 35 pounds tripod another 15 and caring that around all day.

Only realize how hard the Directors, Reporters and Camera Crews work to get news out for us to enjoy. Thank You Fox News for keeping us informed about world events.

We headed down the road through town, pulled into a Shell station for gas and I mention, there are times veterans or other folks walk up and want to see what we are all about .

We were hoping someone would come up and ask us about our mission.

I say it was a God’s sent, three different veteran’s stop by. One veteran walked up and said. I want to pay for your gas.

A van pulled in and a gentleman got out and said you are Ivan aren’t you. I never met the man before.He said, I follow you on your 2014 trip and been following you this trip and just want to Thank You for what you are doing. I lost my son in the Iraq war 10 years ago.

He mention, something just told him he needed to come this way and stop for gas and then he recognize the rig.

Thank You Fox news out of Chicago helping to bring awareness to our Veterans and first Responders. Reminding them they are not forgotten.

You are making a difference. I say with Johnabilt. Changing lives one mile at a time but with Fox News. Changing lives one picture at a time.

A few pictures I took of all the hard work and preparation it takes to bring out a story to the public.

Rooster enjoyed all the attention and especially the close shots.

I am told it will be aired this Friday on National News.