July 30 & 31, 2017 at South Mountain Fair South of Gettysburg, PA

uly 30,31 2017 Update by Ivan

at South Mountain Fair South of Gettysburg, PA

July 30 2017

Galen and Barb Martin came out to C.V. Antique Engine grounds. Barb brought Galen out from Lancaster to ride with me for an hour.

I had plans to meet Greg Ridinger at the Lowell parking lot along 30 and he is riding with me to the South Mountain Fair Grounds. I will be at for the week.

Adams County is beautiful country with rolling hills, lots of apple and peach groves.

It’s a big fair but was a little disappointed. I have no Internet or ATT here so not sure how much I will be able to blog.

I rode Smiley 2 miles up this hill, sat under an apple tree with my laptop. I had ATT and was able to use my hotspot. I promise I did not take a bite out of a apple. Didn't Eve do that.

Planning on staying here until Sat afternoon, hoping to move up closer to 30 and get a campsite so I won’t have 80 plus miles on Sunday.

Hoping to leave out early Sunday and arrive at 3000 Compass Rd, Honey Brook around 3 or shortly after. Will be on 30 out of Gettysburg pick up 462 into York putt across the old Wrightsville bridge and pick up 30 in the city of Lancaster, pickup 340 east and head east on 340 to Compass, will head north on RT10, 1.5miles on right to farm.

July 31

Greg and Kim Ridinger came out last night and introduce me to their friends who have a large orchard and Fruit market 2 miles up from the fairgrounds.

They are allowing me to use their wifi. Saves me running 5 miles top of a hill in a apple orchard.

Not sure how much I will be blogging this week if I don't have Internet at the fairgrounds.

I rode Smiley up to Gettysburg this afternoon and did some cruising.

The fair starts tomorrow, I'm sure I will be busy rest of the week.