June 21,22,23 and 24 2017 Total miles on Johnabilt 11,140 miles

June 21,22,23 and 24, 2017 Update by Ivan

Total miles on Johnabilt 11,140 miles

June 21

I got up early and wash the whole rig and clean the inside out and them jump on Smiley and went up into the town of Dena and got myself some breakfast.

Rest of the day did personal work and two loads of laundry.

I don’t do well just hanging out at a campground there is only so much to do. Route 20 had a lot of truck traffic so didn’t trust taking Smiley too far.

In the evening I replace all my flags with new ones.

Had more local folks stop by and buy books from 2014 trip.

June 22

Headed east on 20 and lots of trucks and car traffic and no shoulder, I was forever pulling off allowing them to pass me. Arrived in Freeport and picked up 26 south through lots of farm country, the crops are looking great out here, lush dark green a sign the roots are finding the nitrogen.

I turn east on 64 headed towards Mt Morris along the way I arrived at the Barnacopia farm museum. Many folks said I need to stop and see this museum.

It was right along 64 I pulled in and the owner was mowing grass and stop and gave me a personal tour. Wow so neat they hold a lot of weddings and reunions, he has old cars and JD tractors antique cars upstairs, you could spend a day in the building, even a 720 JD up in the cupola that turns. I felt privilege, they only give tours on weekends.

It's right on their farm which consist of 6,000 acres they build this steel building to make it look like an old barn full of antiques.

The silo is a two bedroom bed and breakfast.

I left and kept going east on 64 through Mt Morris and then went back roads south 8 miles to Lake LA Donna campgrounds.

It's a large campground, they first said it's 40.00 a night and then came back and said no charge for the two nights.

Only problem is it's down over a hill in a valley and again no Internet or phone and they don’t have wife.

Tomorrow planning on jumping on Smiley and heading into a town of Oregon, IL to find a hair salon. I need a haircut, bad.

June 23

Trains are going by every hour, learning to enjoy the sound the campsites are right beside the tracks so the ground vibrates as they go by.

I went 70 miles on Smiley today checking out 4 other campsites in the area. None had good Internet service except one. I can get a few bars up if I am close to their buildings none of them have Wi-Fi. Found a Barber shop called SHORT CUT BARBER SHOP and It wasn't long after she ask me what I do and I explain she got quiet and said she heard about us on the news that we were arriving in Dixon. Ready to pay and Devinn Dewey (Barber) said it's on her, have a great day. Thank you Devinn.

I think I am moving over to Hansen's Hideway Ranch campsite it's only 5 miles away and it's closer to Grand Detour.

Rode out to Oregon for lunch and checked 2 other campsites north of town but either one had good service. I feel lost without Internet.

Came back and met a lot of campers they are filling up for the week end and campsites are close to each other. Wasn’t much to so do I went to bed but was soon was awaken by a knock on the door.

June 24, 2017

It was excited getting up and moving on. This is trying my patience, sitting at a camp ground more than two days.

I waited till after 8 to start up Johnabilt, campers all around me As I started Johnabilt and was leaving campers came out of their tents, campers and motorhomes holding their cups of coffee and waving and saluting as I putted by.

I headed down the road a beautiful morning with the most beautiful clouds. I soon arrived at my new campgrounds and they were very gracious, no charge pick your spot. I am out in an open field close by the woods by myself. Looking forward to getting caught after with my blogs.

The owner gave me a 100 ft. cord and I realize my 30 to 15 amp adapter was bad so I headed into town to the hardware store to pick up a new one.

I open my laptop to get to work and now my signal is weak this may take some time.