Tomorrow heading up towards Millersburg, Ohio

July 18th and July 17th - Update by Ivan

Marion, Ohio to Harold, East of Mt Vernon, Ohio

Last night at Hickory Grove Lake Campground the owner brought his whole family out to meet me.

Heading south on 23 on a 4 lane highway. I soon realize it was a limited highway but I was on already and decided to take a chance and run on the shoulder for 5 miles.

Wow there was so much trash on the shoulder be surprise if I don't have some stuck in one of my tires.

Got on 229 East and stayed on that country rd till Mt Vernon. Wow traffic and narrow road and no shoulder, not many turn offs to let traffic around. It makes a tiring day.

In Mt Vernon I pick up 36 East 9 miles outside of town, I found Kokosing Valley Campground.

I am definitely coming into Eastern Ohio hills and valleys. I had to shift down three times today, hoping trucks and cars will have patients with me.

They were good, they would toot the horn and wave as they went by..

Tomorrow heading up towards Millersburg, Ohio.

John Schmid called and said him and Lydia are coming down, we are going out for dinner.

It was great seeing John and Lydia Schmid again had some good laughs and planning on heading up to the Mt Hope Sales auction tomorrow with John. Will be a fun day.

July 17th

Headed out of the campsite on 81 east drop down on 309 east it was good road not a lot of traffic wasn't traveling long I was flagged down. I pulled in and here it was Jim Sherrick that stop yesterday he had two boxes of goodies cake and peaches, etc. Wasn't long his friend Ron Brenneman came by. Ron met me in Van Wert, Ohio in 2014.

They were having their coffee break and were following me and afterwards Jim(Ben, Jim , Pat Sherrick in first photo) said let's go we can catch him. I can run but can't hide.

Must be Monday went by this Amish house and had their wash hanging out to dry.

Number of people stopping along the road to take pictures.

I was on my way came through Kenton and traveled on down to Marion, Ohio and found a campground.

I got here early gave a chance to clean up my laptop and wash a load of wash.

Hope to head on into Mt Vernon, Ohio tomorrow.