Times Like That I Am Speechless

July 20 2017 Update by Ivan

Mt Eaton to Louisville, Ohio

I had about 10 miles of steep hills coming up 94 from Mt Eaton to US 30. They weren't high but steep, twice I had to shift down in 4th.

Beautiful country side passing Amish children running out and waving.

Headed east on 30 through Canton and got 44 north to Louisville, Ohio.

Coming through Canton I stopped at a Auto Zone and when I walked out a gentleman pulled up in a flat bed. He came up and said Thank You for what you are doing my daughter is a Marine and got killed in Afghanistan. Times like that I am speechless, his son is a Marine also and is still active in the military.

I found my campsite the only one I could find its at Canaan Acres Campground. Nazarene Church campgrounds/Park. It is very nice and I am the only one here gives me some peace and quiet time. Planning on staying here a extra day and rest up.

I wash the whole rig and received a phone call from Lavern Raber from Hartville.

Lavern came down and pick me up and took me out for dinner in Hartville at Hartville Kitchen, the Famous Restaurant. Wow did I eat, it was home cooking .

Thank You, Lavern for showing me your hometown and your shop where you work on your IH's however I was proud of Lavern, I saw one JD sign on the wall.

As Lavern said, he is not Prestigious.

We headed to McDonald's where all the coffee drinkers meet and wisdom shared rather you want it or not.

Thanks Lavern for dinner, tour and it was great seeing you again.