This town has so much history !

May 17 2017 News Updates by Ivan

Bowman, ND to Lemmon, SD 61 miles

I waited till 7 am to leave it was foggy right away this morning.

Heading East on 12 and was enjoying seeing the farming country and all the pheasants Johnabilt flushes out.

Has a shorter run through ND than some states and enjoy stopping doing a photo opp at the South Dakota state line.

When I arrived in Lemmon, South Dakota I had a hard time finding the campsite. I called the number and it was behind a Credit Union on a lot of 4 hook ups.

The owner met me there and was honored and said no charge it's nice. I am the only one here however it wasn't long trucks started coming by taking pictures and had a knock on the door and the local news reporter stopped and said she had 6 calls already for her to get over here and I just got here.

She took pictures and did her interview and thank me for stopping in their town.

This town has so much history a iron artist in in town I got to meet only block away from my camp.

Wasn't here long and a couple drove in with their 1927 ford car and are traveling for 3 days with two other couples in their antique cars. We had to take a picture beside Johnabilt.

On the way back from my walk I notice two sheriffs were checking out Johnabilt. I chatted with them and they thought this is the neatness thing they ever saw and one was a veteran.

I thank them for their service.

Tomorrow I will be heading through a large Indian Reservation not sure I will get through it in one day.

I am hoping by Friday night i will be getting close to Aberdeen, SD and I will have GPS service again.