This statue of a man was a blacksmith that started John Deere Tractors

June 25 2017 Updates by Ivan

This statue of a man was a blacksmith that started John Deere Tractors

Smiley 48 miles today

Decided to go for a long ride on Smiley, rode down through Grand Detour and on into Dixon stop for breakfast and tour the town. Stopped at Ronald Reagan’s Childhood house and on out to Wal-Mart for some supplies.

On the way back decided to tour the John Deere Museum where JD made his first plow. I enjoyed the Blacksmith Building and his home where he live in the late 1800’s.

Hope to stop by the museum with Johnabilt before I head into Dixon this week.

I talk with the supervisor of the Museum and they might let me put Johnabilt in front of the Blacksmith Shop where the first plow was built and the John Deere Company started.

Not sure how they will get me in their it’s all fence off but Kristen was excited about the idea and is going to be speaking with the PR at John Deere she also has an office in Molen at the JD factory.

The weather is on the cool side but the clouds are just glorious out here.