Maintenance on Johnabilt

July 21 2017 Update by Ivan

At camp grounds in Louisville, Ohio

Slept good at this peaceful church camp and decided to stay another night will give me a chance to catch up on some computer work and maintenance on Johnabilt..

I jump on Smiley and went down to a local restaurant for breakfast.

I decided to work on Smiley steering which is needs tightening . It started in California and this is the third time I jack the front end up and got in to try to move the steering hub to the next notch.

Before I couldn't move it far enough and had to let it woople more, till it wore some more.

This time I was able to move it to the next cog however my steering is tight little hard to turn but it will wear soon enough.

I unhitch Johnabilt from the camper and took a trail run wasn't the steer is a little hard to turn but it will travel down the road so much better.

Spent the afternoon at the campsite even took a shower by my outside shower on the camper.

Went back down for a salad this eve and now its getting ready for tomorrow.

Tomorrow is a big day it's possible I will hit the PA state line if I can find a campsite. I will be ready to hug that PA signpost.

I am trying to work it out to head around Pittsburgh Sunday morning, hoping the traffic won't be as bad.