long ways to the top but, hair raising on the way down !

May 1 2017 News Update by Ivan

Mt Vernon, OR to Ukiah, OR 71 miles

Left Mt Vernon soon after daybreak. It wasn't long I was climbing and climbing some more. Wow it was a long ways to the top of the pass but the way down was hair raising and if I have any black hair left on my body I am sure they are white by now.

I don't do well looking down over with out any guard rails. Johnabilt did great I kept it in 5th gear and took me one and a half hours to get down.

I thought that was going to be the only pass well I had four today they weren't as high as the the ones in Nevada but steep and switchbacks the last one took me 2 hours to come back down and I thought I was down but then I had another 10 miles out of the canon.

Having said all that there was some of the most beautiful views, around every turn something new.

Stop three times to make coffee and rest, its coming down the mountains that is the most work and tiring I am on edge of my seat on the trip down the mountain.

I came in a small town Ukiah,OR and found a campsite so glad to be here, they were a long 71 miles today. I can relax going up the pass in 5th but coming down. I am dancing around feet on tractor brakes, hand on camper brakes other hand on steering, throttle and scratching my head and watching my mirrors, oil gauge, temp gauge and the road.

It's all good but till evening I am little exhausted.

No phone service or Internet all day. I was able to get on the campgrounds Wi Fi this eve.

Few cars or trucks which made it nice it was just me and Johnabilt family far back in the beautiful Oregon pine forest, mountains and valleys.

Looks like it may be the same tomorrow.