Leaving Mammoth Lake, Ca in 28 degrees Weather

April 22 2017 - News Update by Ivan

Mammoth Lake. CA to Hawthorne, Nevada 84 miles

After leaving Mammoth Lake, Ca 28 degrees wearing a jacket long sleeve shirt heading North on 395 20 some miles and heading west on 167 that was a great route very few cars and as I got into the desert I soon was shedding cloths got up to 82.

I had a long mountain pass it slowly went up to 7700 feet and it took me 3 hours to get down to Hawthorne it just kept dropping.

As I was coming down through the mountain Johnabilt pop real loud and out of the bushes comes three mule deer as they cross the road Johnabilt popped again and their legs were stretch out poor things thought they were shot at.

I am camping in Hawthorne NV, from a distance as I was getting closer to town I saw all these building out in the desert here they are ammunition building the army owns them. Its a huge facility with acres of buildings and full of ammunition.

Had quite a few veterans come and talk to me here at the camp grounds and thank us for continuing the mission.