Kept waking up a little anxious about Monarch Pass

April 5 2017 News Update by Ivan

Colopaxi/Arkansas River KOA, CO to Sargents, CO

Kept waking up during the night I was a little anxious about Monarch Pass that I will be going over. I knew Johnabilt had the power but maybe not with the the elevation being 11500.

It was 13 out side.

They had 24 inches up on the summit of Monarch Pass last night.

I putted up 50 around every corner I was in awww snow covering the mountain and sun shining on the mountains it was breath taking.

I came into a small town Salida and stop for gas a lady came up and ask me about our mission after explaining to her she said i want to fill up your gas tank, my father is struggling with PTSD.

I continued up 50 and slowly kept climbing it was a long grade. I could feel I was loosing power. I stop and adjusted the carburetor and still had trouble so I ran in 5th gear for a long time and tried 6 again and he would just die so I kept it in 5th as the pass got steeper I had to shift down to 4th and putted up 6 miles an hour rest of the way.

Oh yes a young man was at the station and I ask him how far its to the summit he thought 20 to 25 miles but its very steep,I am think he didn't have to tell me. I felt like I had the power if the thin air didn't get to thin.

Another gentleman came by and ask which way I am going. I said west his response was ( In that thing) I felt he insulted Johnabilt. I just smiled.

I will say. I did a lot of praying and felt the prayers.

As we were going up the slopes I was a talking to Smiley and Rooster to pull and Smiley to push of course the Rooster got a attitude and said he was tired, hey so was I and we can rest tonight.

Every one did great. I pulled in 4th I think about a 1.5 hours and that was ok long as we got there one mile at a time.

I reach the summit and came down over. I put it in 5th and the engine did good holding back didn't have to break as hard, came down to a small town that had a post office and RV park and restaurant I was so excited thinking I will get a hot meal. I pulled in and they were close so more soup tonight but I can stay at the camp ground the grounds keeper was here and said the Res is close Tuesday and Thursday till later in the spring.

And here I find out I don't have phone service or Internet. The park manager brought be in the restaurant left me work inside while he is doing some work .

I still wasn't able to send out pictures just a video.