May 6th - Happy Birthday Ivan - The Big 70th birthday !

May 6-7 2017 News Update by Ivan,

Kamiah, Washington to Northern Lolo Pass

Left the camp ground in Kamiah, Washington thinking I was only going 30 miles to Lowell, Washington, before I got there. I was told it was close till May 30. So it was early and I decided after realizing I don't have any service I might as well keep putting on my Birthday.

Yesterday I didn't have any service all day I am traveling through a canyon and see a sign no service for 99 miles and I already traveled all day yesterday with out service was able to email with camp wifi.

We become so dependant on our phones however it does make me a little weary knowing I am out wondering in the wilderness with a 1948 Johnabilt and I am not much younger but all is well.

Did a lot of praying and kept right on putting.

Stop and pump gas up to the tractor twice and three times stop to make some coffee and just to take a break.

As you can see it was a beautiful ride follow this big river and the roadway came right to the edge as you can see on the picture I am in the center of the road and it helps that I lean to the left.

Another reason I decided to keep trekking it was a Sat and very little traffic especially truck traffic and a lot of logging trucks travel that road and most places only narrow two lanes, they did have pull offs which was nice.

I was getting tired and kept looking for a camp ground they were all National Forest Campgrounds and realize a lot of them don't open till Memorial Day.

I was enjoying the rafters coming down the river they had a great time waving as I am blowing the air horns.

Kept stopping and looking at my map and finally decided on a camp ground I saw another 20 miles I got there and they were full it was a special rafting weekend. I ask if I could just park there and he said you don't want too this place comes alive in about 2 hours and you won't get any sleep.

Said, there is a National Forest campground 2 miles up the road but you need to go down over a steep hill 1.5 miles and its by the river and you will get some rest.

I headed up RT 12 and found my road and down over the hill to a spot by the river.

I was exhausted 90 some miles and glad to be there. No Electra or phone service so I couldn't use my hot spot to email or blog.

So I decided to have a snack out at the picnic table and then go to bed.

It was chilly. I put on a binny hat and jacket and was cozy out at the table and thinking back and pondering on my 70 years of life that I am so grateful for.

Thinking of different stagiest of my life in those 70 years and I hear some noise in back of me turn around and here in my good friends Dave and Rose Stoltzfus holding up a sign that said Happy Birthday Ivan with a big 70 made of quarters on it and holding up two shoo fly pies.

Wow I couldn't speak what a surprise. They flew from Phil, Pa airport to Reno, NV rented a car and drove 1100 miles to track me down and had a awful time because me being in the canyon for 3 days my GPS didn't work on the tractor so they couldn't track, they found me after stopping at that camp site asking if they saw a tractor.

I am still in shock. I was hungry from bouncing around in that tractor 12 hours and I had two bowels of soup and cereal wanted to pity myself a little but knew this day will pass.

Well they took me back to the lodge where the rafters had their special day and I was able to get a big fish dinner and enjoyed the balance today.

We came back to the camper and had shoo fly and ice cream, what a remembrance for my 70's.

Not sure I will ever be able to top that with Dave and Rose.

All I can say Thank You . You made it a special day for me and what a surprise. At least it was cool and I had cloth on sitting at the picnic table. Ha