Johnabilte: Clean out the cab and put a new switch on the elect fuel pump.

June 6 & 7, 2017 News Update by Ivan

I work on Johnabilte, clean the cab out and put a new switch on the elect fuel pump.

I rode down to walmart had 9 miles, it was a nice country ride you could smell the fresh dirt and drying hay.

Came back and cruise around the lake and the rest of the day organizing things in the camper .

Had Kerri and her family stop by, she is the one who was riding her bike and took a picture of me coming into Clear Lake and put it on facebook.

Around 4 rode out and had a salad.

Had a number folks stop by and chat and wanted to know more about our mission.

June 7

I was up early to weather has been so nice 85 during the day and 69 at night.

Work in the camper part of the day organizing hats and t-shirts and updating my paper work.

I got a call from Pat and Charles Seago from Wis said they are traveling through and would like to stop and take me out for dinner.

You recall they drove 8 hours in 2014 to El Paso, IL to Thank me and show their support.

I met them downtown with Smiley and they follow me back to the camp site.

Some pictures of us at the campsite. We headed out for dinner. I rode Smiley they follow me, show them where the Best Western they are staying tonight and they bought my dinner.

Thank You Pat and Charles Seago you have been so supported of the last two trips.

Pat lets me know if I miss blogging one day or if my GPS isn't working, she keeps after me.

She gave me a great compliment she said, I look clean and my shirt looks clean and looks like I am taking care of myself, she even ask me if I lost any weight and if I am eating right. She has become a second Mother.

Pat, I ask you to take a picture of me and Charles and we see who you really love. Even Charles said you are pointing the camera at him. Makes a good story.

I hope I am this active at their age, Pat 85 and Charles 89 traveling, driving enjoying life. Sorry Pat but you are a jewel.

Another couple stopped by who are farmers in Southern Iowa.