Look What Johnabilt flushed out of the Bushes !

May 15 2017 News Update by Ivan

Miles City to Baker, MT Johnabilt hit the 10,062 totals miles, 2014-2016 trips 2016-17 trip 7,000

I left Miles City and right away I had a hill to climb I crawl up in 5th and after that it was some rolling hills, nice countryside however the road was so rough with lines across so my front end is hitting them hard and my head is bobbing up and down I stop and left some more air out of the front tires and that made it some what better.

Yesterday I stopped twice to let air out and same today.

Johnabilt flush more pheasants out of the bushes as we travel along and for the first time he flush out 4 wild turkeys, that was exciting. Turkeys out here have a white stripe top of their tail.

More antelopes and deer.

I had a nice ride. I left early this morning at 5;45 so I arrived in Baker around 1 pm, gives me some time to rest up.

As I pulled into a gas station a news reporter came in and also the Mayor of Baker to thank me for stopping. The news reporter did a interview and I took the Mayor and the reporters picture than continue to my camp ground and the owner came out to meet me and said park anywhere you wish and no charge. Thanks for you Mission.