Johnabilt Attracting People Across America

May 13 2017 News Update by Ivan

135 Lewistown MT to Jordan, MT

Lewistown is one of the most Patrica towns all afternoon and into the night people just kept stopping I finally went to bed it was a long day and after I was in bed three more came and knock on the door and wanted to know about what this tractor is all about.

Sarah Cloud stop by with her two young boys Landon and logan. Her husband Chuck Cloud is a Iraq war vet in the Army.

It was so kind of them to stop in and they even brought me snacks for on the trip. Later they came back and the boys gave me a set of deer horns.

I enjoy talking with them and sharing our mission.

Left Lewistown, MT early realizing its gong to be a long day if I am to make it to Jordan, MT. I knew I won't have any phone or any kind of services for 130 plus miles so I was sure to have all gas tanks top off and food and water.

I stop at a local gas station on the way out of town to get some coffee.

A car pulled in and she wanted to donate has family in the military and had stop the night before and took pictures.

I am putting out of town and Johnabilt is flushing out pheasants a number of ring necks and hens it was so nice to see that again we lost ours in Pa some years ago and I miss the sound of the cock birds and they were crowing and they flew out of the bushes as Johnabilt scared them out.

Johnabilt had deer running out of the bushes and antelopes today.

It was a nice day to travel very little traffic and it was exciting to see a Auctioneer pass me Shore Auction Company with United Country Auctions and I was wondering where he is having his auction.

It wasn't till later I saw all these trucks in a field and being a Auctioneer I knew this was it. I wanted to stop in so bad but it look like they might of been selling the Real Estate at that time and I didn't want to distract attention from the action.

Last night one of the neighbors came by and said their is someone who wants to meet you. She has three of her children in the military. I left fairly early this morning since it got daylight at 6.

I figure she wasn't coming out but bless her heart she track me down drove 30 miles to catch up with me.

I was so honor to meet Marilyn Olson she is a 3 star Marine Mom. Daughter SGT Chelsea Clark, Son CPL Trevor Erickson and Son CPL Andrew Erickson. What a honor and sacrifice for one family to have three of her children willing to serve to protect our freedom.

We became friends and will always be friends. She also continues running in Marathons to honor our veterans.

Thanks Marilyn for making a effort to track me down and introducing yourself.

Hoping we can keep in touch.

I kept on trekking East thinking I am going for the gold the whole 130 plus miles since I don't have any service .

I stop at a road side rest and pump gas forward to Johnabilt and same time made some coffee and was on my way again.

You can see the scenery is changing as I travel further East.

Stop in at a small town Sand Springs got a cup of coffee at a deli and it was also the post office. We are way out in the country. I ask them how many families they have and she said 30 scatter in a 50 mile radius and they have their mail delivered.

as I come into Jordan a sheriff was along the road with radar and she waved came on into town and found my campsite. Set up and jump on Smiley to get some milk.

When I got back it wasn't long one truck after another started pulling in. They were local Ranchers and I enjoyed talking to them.

Went to bed at 7 pm little wiped out