John Deere Dealership Lends AAfWH a Helping Hand

May 26 2017 News Update by Ivan

Rock Rapids, Iowa to Sioux Center, Iowa

I headed south on 75 this morning from Rapid City and their was so much truck traffic and no shoulders to get off so I would keep pulling over where ever I could. Cattle trucks and grain trucks found out their is a hog slaughterhouse and a cattle auction East of Sioux Center. Sure glad I only had 23 miles to go.

As I was coming down 75 I notice a large John Deere Dealership, I pulled in to see if I could get my oil change it was getting pretty black.

They said pull right in and they change my oil and gave me a new filter and said no charge we were glad to help.

As the gentleman was changing my oil we were all standing around I made a remark. It almost seems like DOT we see at times along the road one person working and the rest standing around watching.

The shop emptied out and we all had a photo opp in front of their place of business. They also called the local newspaper to come out.

More good Samaritans, I feel so blessed.

As I said before this is a team effort and so many willing to help to bring awareness for those that fought for our Freedom.

Today coming down 75 pass another small chapel, it was pretty neat.

I headed on down and it seem like I was stopping more than running letting traffic around. I came to my campsite north of Sioux Center and set up and gave me a chance to clean the inside of the camper and prepare for the next 3 days in Le Mars, Iowa.

Last evening James smalley stop by on his bike, he is a veteran and today he rode down to my campsite to see me and wanted to chat some more.

Monday I will be set up and the Veterans Memorial park.

Police chief, Officer King is escorting me into town and I will be setting up at the fairgrounds until Monday then heading over to the Memorial Park, all the campgrounds are full.