Ivan - Interviewed by Channel 15 from Madison, WI

June 19, 2017 - News Update by Ivan

Ivan - Interviewed by Channel 15 from Madison, WI

Left Fennimore, WI this morning and headed east on RT18, lots of traffic so I decided to head south on RT 39 to Mineral Point and hoping I find a campground but I soon found out no phone or Internet and my GPS quite working.

So I kept going south on 23 hoping it will get better, putted into Darlington, still no service and no camp grounds.

Lots of hills.

I thought this was going to be a short day, got down to RT11 and headed east arrived in Gratiot, WI still no service and it was only noon. I found the campsite and pull in but decided to head further east hoping I will find a campsite and service.

Lots of hills all morning, some I had to shift down. I thought I was in Western Pa and Eastern Ohio.

Soon found out the campsites were 18 miles and off my route.

While I was sitting along the road trying to decide what I am want to do, a truck pulled up and two Mennonite boys jump out, they heard I was coming through and chase me down .

I ask them if their is a Wal-Mart close by and they remark right over there, you can see the sign so I decided to honker down here for the night. I do have a little service enough to send my blog.

I had quite a few folks stop by and give donations since I pulled in.

Had Channel 15 from Madison call and they like to stop by this eve or in the morning.

Today was the day of the clouds. The most beautiful clouds I just kept snapping pictures


These boys that stop by are working south of Monroe, off of 69 and that is my route south. They are inviting friends to meet me at a equipment dealership parking lot at 8 am.

Had someone stop by and I complain about ATT and he remark ,Verizon no better, a bad area.