Interesting Story About a Lottery Among Military Folks

April 23 2017 - News Update by Ivan

Hawthorne, NV to Middlegate Station, NV 81 miles

Left Hawthorne, NV at day break.Seeing all these buildings and bunkers. And headed south on 95 till I got 361 north, had the whole road to myself must of the time. It was a long lonely road a few cattle out.

I got into Gabbs and was hoping there was a gas station but everything was close I pulled into this parking lot and pump some gas up in Johnabilt’s tank and started generator up and made some coffee I did stop three more times to make coffee. I was getting so sleepy.

Had couple good size mountain passes and it seem it took forever to get to the bottom. I would stop and rest Johnabilt and myself, it like I was riding a horse all day the road was wavy and I would be bobbing up and down. I must say after 81 miles I am exhausted, the vibration, noise and bobbing up and down.

As I was driving the desert I see these two butterflies pass Johnabilt turn fly in front of my windshield and than continue up ahead never knew they fly 14 miles an hour it was kind of insulting to Johnabilt.

I arrived at the intersection of 361 and 50 and there is this small bar restaurant called Middlegate Station it dates back to the 1800's and they do have gas so I fill my tank and went in and had one of the best hamburgers. They are allowing me to park in their parking lot for the night.

Wasn't their long a black mustang pulled in a couple got out and he is active in the military and was excited about our mission and asking a lot of questions took pictures of his girl friend in the cab.

He told me the story of the Ford black mustang. Ford only made 5 and had a lottery among military folks and he won one, says two are in England one was auctioned off for Charity. In the door panel it says US Military number three and also on the engine.Not sure I would even be driving it.

I don’t have Internet so I will have to send this off tomorrow.

In the morning I will be heading got to Austin and I think I will be camping two nights to get some rest.