I Found The Promise Land

April 30 2017 News Update by Ivan

Burns, OR to Mt Vernon, OR 73 MILES

Took off from Burns RV Park soon after daylight. Headed up 20 and pick up 395 north. It was great traveling only saw three cars the first hour. I soon started climbing and climbing Johnabilt did great in 6th gear till about half way up than I shifted in 5th and it was a long way up and then back down, out into a valley which was around 25 miles long .

It was so exciting as I was climbing, all at once I realize things were getting green had the beautiful tall Oregon pines and the grass was getting green as i was going across the valley the meadows were green.

I felt like I was wondering in the desert for 40 days and nights and today I came up the mountain and everything was green . I found the promise land.

Nevada I did like your beautiful state but seeing desert for over a month I was ready to see some green grass even saw someone mow their yard.

As I was coming through the valley I came to a small store, Bear Valley Stores stop for a coffee and was on my way.

A large ranch called Sivies VAlley Ranch is almost the whole distance across the valley 20 miles or morel

A small school house still stands from the town of Sivies.

I started climbing again and I could tell this is a big mountain pass it wasn't bad going up but coming down it was over 20 miles down hill, had it in 5th.

Just did my laundry yesterday but I was sweating coming down, on the edge of my seat feeling sweat running down my back, hands sweaty and tight knot in my stomach and breathing heavy, it was steep and what made this pass different no guard rails and some places drop offs on both side of the road. I do not do well with those drop offs and that switch back and forth. You can see the one picture I hung in the middle of the road when their was no cars.

Boy, was I glad to be down. I think Nevada passes were higher but most times had at least a wall on the one side this mountain was steeper coming down but Johnabilt did well, I just took my time, took me over a hour to get down and then out a cannon for another 8 miles. It was beautiful but I sure was glad to be down, i have a feeling I will have a few more before I get to Washington State.

I stop at Clyde Holiday State Park close to Mt Vernon, OR

I am not going to ask or don't want to know I will take one mile at a time.