I blew my ooggah horn and he stop in his tracks and stared me down

March 30 2017 News Updates by Ivan

Boise City, Oklahoma to Lamar, Colorado 87 miles

It was so nice starting off this morning with the sun shining, it wasn't long I could open my windows. I putted up 278 twice saw antelope's along the road, one took off when I came close the other one took off when I blew my ooggah horn and he stop in his tracks and stared me down/

Eli and Jan Raber track me down they were heading to their home in Oregon coming back after staying in Sarasota, Fl for the winter.

They pass me and stop and even brought me breakfast from Subway. We travel together until we got to the Colorado state line wanted to take pictures together but as you can see the sign was gone. Oh well we took pictures any how.

Lavern Raber I know you are a IH man but as you can see your sister in law had her picture taken. I really think she likes the John Deere's.

We said our good bye's and I headed north through the National Colorado Park grass lands. Came up to some old buildings along the way.

I am sorry but Oklahoma roads were rough and I had to slow down, I only Had about 20 miles till I was in Colorado and what a difference.

The roads were smooth and had a nice clean shoulder to run on. I was planning on stopping in Springfield but got their around 11;30 and decided I will keep going till Lamar, Col it was close to 90 miles but I could relax running on a smooth shoulder and of course I had to put on one of John Schmid's CD's to entertain me along the way.

Saw two snow plows today however it was a beautiful day windows open 60 degrees.

So I stopped in Springfield at a gas station to get a cup of coffee and you never know what some of the remarks will be.

I walk in and this older gentleman says so how far did you come and where are you going. I told him from Pa and heading to California, north to Montana back east to Pa. He looks at me with this puzzle look and says in that thing. Do we need to take your Temp is their something wrung with your head,another guy said Lord have Mercy on him. Like to tell him I ask the Lord for Mercy each day. as I walked the door they shook their heads and said be safe.

He didn't charge me for my coffee or my Elk stick of meat.

When I arrived at my camp ground Sportsman's RV Park at Lamar, Col they said no charge.

It felt so good washing the rig in a T shirt after being cold and wet the last three days.

Johnabilt met a new friend pretty neat seeing this John Deere end of their drive way not sure I wouldn't want to keep it inside.