Hugging Happy to be in Darlington, PA

July 22 2017 Updates by Ivan

Louisville, Ohio to Darlington, Pa 43 miles

Left before 7AM and headed North on 44 and got 173 east ran into 14 to 51 in Pa.

As I was leaving I see a car drive in and Dr Laban Bontrager pulled in and brought me coffee and snacks to eat on the way.

I camped at Dr Bontrager place over night in Bristol, FL .Some of you remember that was the morning Dr Bontrager on his antique JD and the local police escort me out of town and handcuff me to Johnabilt until someone paid a 100.00 for my release. I was handcuff right on the road.and beg for my release.LOL,. He was in Hartville, Ohio for a family reunion and caught up with me.

Thank You Dr Bontrager.

Headed East through Alliance,Ohio stop in a gas station and wasn't long a group of people surrounded me some were veterans and all donated, continue east through Salem.

One gentleman came up to me who was Jaran Neuenschwander and said you know Leonard Miller from Eureka, Nevada. You were at his place and I am dating his daughter and Leonard said I should be keeping my eyes open for you. Small world .

It rain hard part of the trip and I think its the first rain I drove in for over a month.

It was so exciting to come up to the Pa sign it felt like home even though I may have 350 miles to go.

I stop and took my usual pictures and even hug the sign post.

Drove down to Darlington to Crawford Campgrounds.

drove in and they were filled up and my heart sunk, no other campgrounds near. I said I only need elect and they found a spot this after this gentle man walk down and said put him up beside my unit on the grass. He is a Vietnam veteran and was glad to help. Thank You Gordon. and park right beside his flag pole made a great picture.

Some one flag me down and here it was Earl Summers a coffee buddy from Sarasota, Fl who lives in Hartville, Ohio. He follow me to the campsite, it was great seeing him.

Earl bought a hat from me so he cam prove to his coffee buddies in Hartville that he did find me.

Hope to leave early in the morning looks like I may have around 70 miles to Delmont, Pa.