Hosteler Auction Company Territory

When I was ready to leave this morning Gordon (Veteran)was there to salute me and wish me a safe journal. I was ready to hit the road early knowing I was going to have a tough day putting around Pittsburgh since I won't be going on any Interstates or tunnels so that means going up over the steep mountains one mile at a time. I must say I kept waking up thinking about it.

I trek down 51 through Beaver falls I knew I was in Hosteler Auction Company territory from all the signs I was seeing.

I pick up 228 and headed to Mars, Pa . Crossed the Ohio River and my GPS wasn't working right and we had bridges and exits going everywhere next thing I find myself crossing the Ohio river again and realize I need to go back on the east side, did a turn around and headed back over.

Since I can't go through the tunnel or Interstate I had to climb up over the mountain the old fashion way and boy was that a experience it was steep I started it in 4th and kept it there and as I was putting up the mountain. I could feel the front end floating and I was tense and ready to put the clutch in if it came up any further.

I went up and down this narrow back road a lot of times in 4th.

It took me a hour to go three miles.

I came out of the mountain and the rest of the day I had hills and traffic as I continue on 228 to 356 through Freeport to 66 south into Belmont.

I pulled in to Motel 6 the first time I got a motel room in my 7 months of traveling there were no campgrounds near by and I was not ready to travel another 20 miles.

I crawled out of Johnabilt and not only my knees but my hands were shaking. It was a brutal day going over those hills and more stressful coming back down.

Johnabilt got a work out today and so did I .

I got my room and filled the tub up with hot water and just laid in it for a time..

Trying to figure out my route tomorrow heading south on 66 to pick up 30 east put 66 turns into a toll road which I can't be on.

Had a good friend stop in from the area, Jim Hayes and said he use to drive truck and said hop in I will show you a route down to Greensburg and pick up 30 and avoid the toll road or turnpike.

Thanks so much Jim.

As he is driving me down the route to Greensburg , I see I will have some steep hills through Greensburg. Hoping it will level off as I head east on old 30.

town for 15 miles till I get out of town.

Jim was a great help for my travels to morrow.