heading towards 6,000 and I can now see why Johnabilt is breathing hard

April 3 2017 News Updates by Ivan

Haggard RV Park Penrose,Co to Cotopaxi, Co

Thank You Matt and Nancy Haggard for taking me along to Wal-Mart last night to stock up on supplies. I am not sure when I will have a chance to get supplies till I am over the big Monarch Pass.

I headed out of the park around 7; 30 and west on HW 50 towards Cannon City as I got a closer, I get a phone call from Gaylord Knepp he is with with New Horizons Ministries and said he has been following me and would love to meet me.

We chatted and planned to meet at his house, he was only a block off of 50 and he said he will have the coffee on. I pulled in and he mention he contacted the local paper and they are on their way. After my interview with Canon City Daily Record we went in the house and I sat with his wife Kay and Gaylord with freshly brewed coffee. Had a nice visit and it was soon time to putt on west?

i didn't want to hang around Canon City to long I am told their are 14 state and Federal prisons. Its a beautiful town.

I stopped at a Shell station to top my tanks not sure when the next gas station will be and yesterday I tighten my clutch up but this morning it seem to tight so I took the clutch cover off and loosen the clutch again.

Well I now am in the Rockies. I am putting up 50 feeling like I am losing power I shifted down to 5th decided I will take my time and not work Johnabilt so hard. So a state trooper along the road and he waved.

I decided to call Steve to check what Elevation I am at and he look and said heading towards 6,000 and I can now see why Johnabilt is breathing hard, trying to decide if I want to close the carburetor little more. I kept crawling up for ever and after while started downhill again and could see the beautiful White Cap Rocky Mountains ahead what a beautiful picture.

I had so many people donate this morning along the way. At the gas station two ladies came by to thank me and donate and then their one son came by and emptied his pockets. I was so moved and 3 different times people stop me and gave very nice donations, one lady kept hugging me and thanking me for bringing awareness to our wounded Heroes, she had family in the military. Times like that I feel the importance of bringing awareness for our wounded Heroes. I felt your prayers today and want to thank you there were a few steep down grades and Johnabilt did great. I arrived at Texas Creek Junction campground but they were close so I putted up another 8 miles to an Arkansas River KOA in Cotopaxi, CO.

I was running by the Arkansas River all day and pass the Royal Gorge. I felt like the river was going uphill the last 10 miles I said something to the camp owner and she agree it feels like that so it wasn’t all about me listening to many long hours of Putt Putting.

Today I was just in aww of God’s creation. The beautiful mountains are just breath taking and I am only in the beginning of going over the big pass.

Planning on staying here maybe two nights they are calling for a snow storm tonight but then clear up and be sunny rest of the week over the pass.

I will have a few challenging days the next couple of days as I head over the pass one mile at a time.

Just had a Veteran and is wife stop by the camp ground here in Cotopaxi. They said they saw me go through Cannon City and he told his wife we need to track him down and I want to talk to this man.

They saw my rig as they were going by and came back. He was so thankful and said please don't stop bringing awareness and I hearing that from so many Veterans its encouraging. I am told by number of Veterans its not just the Monetary its recognizing are Wounded Heroes letting them know they are not forgotten, that means so much to them.

I say again I am just steering Johnabilt down the road its a team effort together we can make a different.

Every day I see this in so many Veterans eyes and hearing them say thank you.