Heading to Mt Hope OH to the Big Cattle Stockyards

July 19 2017 Updates by Ivan

Howard, Ohio to Mt Hope 44 miles

Got on 36 East and stop at the corner of 36 and 514, top my tank off and got a egg sandwich and was on my way. Heading to Mt Hope to the big Cattle Stockyards, to meet up with John Schmid. I soon realize this is going to be a interesting day.

The hills are not high but steep and narrow road and no shoulders plus a lot of traffic.

We slowly putted up through and for the first time I had to shift down to 4th because I stalled in 5th but then this one hill was steep enough my front end wanted to come up, so I shifted it in 3rd and slowly crawled up over.

I had 40 plus miles up and down.

Johnabilt did great and just got their a little slower like 7 miles an hour instead of 14.

I was impress with Ohio Buckeye folks they were so patient and continue to wave and toot the horns with thumbs up after being in back of me for some time because their was no place to pull over.

Beautiful countryside reminds me of Northern Pa, in Potter County.

I came to Pioneer Bus Company owned by good friends of mind. Dave and Irene Swartzentruber and they happen to be in Fl but I had to stop in and get a picture of Johnabilt in front of their place of business.

Thank You Dave and Irene sorry I miss you.

Putted on north to Mt Hope Auction and when I pulled in John Schmid and other friends from Fl. Elmer Nolt and Laverne Raber drove down from Hartville, Ohio.

It was great seeing everyone.

I headed another 10 miles North to Mt Eaton where I pulled in at Evergreen Park RV Resort. This is one of the nicest camp grounds I have been at during this trip.

Thank You John Schmid.