Heading to Great Falls and Enjoying the Scenery

May 8 2017 News Update by Ivan

Missoula, MT to Lincoln, MT

Left the KOA in Missoula, MT around 7am and had a lot of traffic through the city bus as I got on 200 East less traffic and 200 had a nice shoulder to run on .

Their was nice countryside rolling hills but Johnabilt could take them in 6th, we stop a few times to take pictures and just enjoy the scenery.

Had a gentleman stop he was in a Utility truck, he saw me along the road and turned around, came back and wanted to see the rig and ask if he could take video's.

He said he will be putting them on FB before long.

It was one of those days. I was debating about staying another day at KOA but they charge where a lot of the others will not charge or give a great discount.

I am always aware trying to keep my cost down .

My rig is so dirty and KOA doesn't allow you to wash your rig.

I putted across country and came into Lincoln, Mo found a campsite and they allow me to wash my rig and didn't charge me for the night.

Wash the rig and jump on Smiley and headed down to the Steak House and bought myself a Birthday dinner.

Heading to Great Falls in the morning and about ready to take a extra day,my tiredness is catching up with me.

I again didn't have service all day on the trip but have it here in town .

I check and I think I won't have good coverage with ATT till I get close to ND.

That's a bomber.

I will do May 9 tomorrow been a little exhausted lately will try to get caught up.

By the way GPS is not working because its under ATT and no service hoping as I get closer to ND I will have better connection.

My route plans are continue East on 200 and 98 run together through Lewistown and East to Jordan than I plan going South on 59 pick up 12 at Miles City head east into ND. Hoping by than GPS will be working .

I am in Great Falls at my campgrounds thinking about staying a extra night.