Heading out of town to Holland & Sons JD for the Tractor Show

June 28th & 29th New Update by Ivan

Heading out of town to Holland & Sons JD for the Tractor Show

June 28th

Today I will be heading out to Dixon. I wasn't in a hurry planning on meeting Jim Olson and his Son in Law at the Baptist church parking lot where they invited me to stay while I am in Dixon.

I clean up Johnabilt and left around noon headed down towards Grand Detour to pick up 2 west into Dixon.

Stop to take a picture by the JD blacksmith sign in Grand Detour.

It started raining hard so I pulled over and waited it out.

Met Jim at the church and he help me set up and than we all went out to a local steak house. Thanks Jim for dinner its was great to see Bunyan and Rachel again and their two boys.

I headed to bed early was very tired.

June 29

Jim picked me up and took me out for breakfast and we were able to plan our weekend activities.

Decided to tackle the steering it has wear again and it's tiring when I am driving down the road and the steering keeps shaking back and forth.

I took it apart and I still couldn't get it to the next notch so I will deal with it and maybe by time I get down to Fred, Floyd and Ernie in Arthur, IL we will have enough wear so we can move it to the next cog and it will be tighter.

I tighten it in Virgina and it was tight until I got to California.

Little embarrassing while they are filming me inside the cab and the steering is shaking back and forth but we need to be reminded when we are 70 years old we might be shaken also.

Friday heading downtown with Johnabilt and having a book signing on 1st street at a local book store.

Sat I will be heading out of town to Holland & Sons JD spending a day at a tractor show.

Sun is the Dixon Petunia Festival and they will be having a open air community church service. I was ask to share.

! pm is the big Petunia Parade which I will be in.

It's going to be a busy weekend and I have a feeling I will be quite tired to the weekend is over.

Just got word Fox News is coming back out at 3 am tomorrow morning to do a live interview for Fox News.

My hat is off to Fox news for helping to get the word out, remembering does that fought for are Freedom on this special weekend, 4th of July.