Headed East with 12 stops for gas before I arrived - "Thank you God"

May 19 2017 News Updates by Ivan

Mobridge, SD to Aberdeen, SD 92 miles

I left fairly early not knowing how long this day was going to be. I headed East on 12 stop for gas and as I went east out of Mobridge I soon came until some new road and Thank you God it was so pleasant trekking across and not having those expansion cracks on the road and getting bumped around my whole day was a smooth road with shoulders I could run on in need be.

I think the good Lord knew how I was beat up yesterday.

I decided to keep on trekking to Aberdeen since it was going well and maybe I will get some Att service again.

Stop in at a coffee shop and got to chatting with a young couple, he was a veteran and share with him our mission and thank him.

I was enjoying the farmers planting soybeans and had to stop and chat with the two that were having their lunch break.

I had to see there big equipment and was in aww one planter was 48 rows 80 feet wide the other one was 38 and 60 feet wide. I chatted with them a while and it look like father and son and I shared with them some of my best times were when my father work with me and we would take our lunch break together.

It was a great ride going through all the farmland.

I was also amaze at all the big grain elevators and soon ready for bed it was a long day.

So many old threshing machines along the road.

May 20 2017 Aberdeen, SD to Redfield, SD 39 miles

I was thinking about staying a extra night in Aberdeen but they wanted to charge not even a discount so I decided this morning to trek south on 281 to Redfield, SD its the Pheasant Capitol of the world.

They have a community park I am able to stay in. I might just stay another day to rest up and get caught up on maintenance and clean up my lap top.

I slept part of the afternoon didn't realize how tired I was, had some long days.

It's been raining all day.