Have food and will be talking nice to Johnabilt !

April 8 2017 News Updates by Ivan

Montrose, Co to Grand Junction 52 miles

Left Montrose, CO around 8 and headed up 50 as I passed a MF dealer in Olathe their was a couple out waving and taking pictures and I didn't realize till later it was Chris Gage and his wife who has been following me. Right beside was a JD dealership and they were also out waving. The whole way up to Delta I had people stopping and giving donations and wanting to take pictures.

So I am putting up 50 if I have stop to make like I did today in Delta meeting Ervin and Rose Kennell for lunch. I just wave but if they flash money, Johnabilt hits the ditch.

Well a truck went around me and turn in a drive way, turn around and were watching me. As I got closer the driver was waving and it look like money to me so I pull over I couldn't figure out why he didn't get out I walk up to the truck and said hi and they started asking about the tractor and than I saw he had three fingers bandage together and it was not money .

I chatted with them and was soon on my way.

Came into Delta and pulled in at the New City Market and met Ervin and a group of other men from the area.

It was nice to have lunch with Ervin and his wife and we visited a while and I continued north on 50 the view was breath taking.

Came into Grand Junction to a KOA camp ground.

It was great allow me to wash my rig and it was dirty.

I jump on Smiley and headed to a market and got supplies, Smiley was loaded down.

I think I am all set except tomorrow will fill up my spare tank.

I might just head to the Utah line tomorrow and than cross over Monday I will have some long stretches like over hundred miles nothing but country and lot of places no phone service.

This morning was the first in about two weeks I didn't need my heater on in the cab and had the windows open it felt so good and got up in the high 60's.

I will putt one mile at a time.

Tomorrow is going to be a long day I might need to go 80 some miles leaving early and stopping filling up my spare tank. I have food and will be talking nice to Johnabilt and I met a new friend who is going to escort me out of town in the morning in his Harley. Sid Smith

They tell me I might not have cell phone service next day or more.