Birthday Boy - Celebrating Across America for Veterans with PTSD

May 7 2017 - News Updates by Ivan

Lolp Pass to Missoula, Montania

Got up during the night. I heard the river noise rushing by and my campsite was fairly close. I wanted to make sure it didn't come over the banks and I also put the caps on the exhaust pipes, it was starting to rain.

I slept good, started the generator and made coffee in the morning and was soon on the way.

I was looking forward meeting Dave and Rose they continue to Lolo, Mo and got a Motel last evening and said they will drive up and meet me along the way some where in the morning.

I had one big pass to go over, it wasn't to bad going up and got to the Montana State Line and stop to take pictures and it started to snow hard, it was 33 degrees up their.

I was getting concerned walk out to see if the road was slippery and decided i better head down. I was told going down was steep but was not as high as some Passes, i cross in the pass.

I put it in forth and the engine held the rig back. I was so glad, I headed over this morning no traffic or logging trucks they make me nervous when I see them flying up behind me on those steep passes.

I putting down real slowly, by the way on the way up I pulled out John Schmid CD and decided to let him play some Johnny Cash for me. I turn off all music on the way down on those steep slopes. I need full consecration and need to hear any unusual noises.

Had to tell you back some time I was crawling up a mountain pass and had a inspiration CD on and just as I was ready to go over the edge on the downward slope and ready to turn the CD off they started playing. (When the roll is called up yonder I will be their.) Wow I am planning on being there but what planing.

After putting down and coming out of the canyon after being in the wilderness again but this time in Pine forest instead of desert and without services for three days as I was coming out of the mountain to flatter green ground I felt like I found the Promise land.

I was getting ready for coffee and knew I had another 15 miles and wasn't sure when I would see Dave and Rose so I pulled off to make some coffee.

Just then they arrived and we decided to meet for coffee down at a Deli in Lolo.

It was great seeing them and it was soon for us to push on they were heading back to Reno for their flight and I decided to head up to Missoula, Mo to a KOA camp ground.