Ended up at Eldred-Sherwood Recreation Area Beautiful Camp Site

June 1, 2 & 3, 2017 - News Updates by Ivan

Stayed in Humboldt at the city campground for the day, would of like of stayed longer but no Internet so this morning decided to move on east on 3 towards Clarion. Had a state trooper pass me and wave.

It’s a beautiful; camp ground by a river and quiet. I stayed there in 2014.

Rick and JoAnn Madden rode their bike 60 miles to come see me. We had a nice visit.

I did some work on Johnabilt like paint touch up on some chips on the hood.

Yesterday leaving Humboldt on 3. I stop at the JD dealership that change my oil in 2014 and had to get a picture of Johnabilt and some of his big brothers.

JoAnn and Rick Madden rode their bikes out to check on me, we had a nice visit and I was on my way.

This morning I decided to pull out and head up to Clarion, Iowa to a campground north of town. I pulled in but no Internet and it was early so I continue up the road.

I ended up at Eldred-Sherwood Recreation Area beautiful camp site but no Internet.

It’s a nice park but no Internet so I guess I will stay here and enter my blogs tomorrow if I have Internet.

Heading to Mason City hoping to find a spot at Clear Lake its weekend we will see.

They are very gracious here said no charge however again no Internet unless I walk up over the hill.

So I am sitting under some shade trees up on the hill where I have Internet.

I took a ride on Smiley went into Clear Lake to a Chinese Rest and it's beside the blue moon the famous restaurant where Bill Holley ate before he took off in a ice storm and was killed in a plane crash.

Paul Behr took us there while I was out for some classes at World Wide College of Auction School.

I found two other campsites which I think I will move to tomorrow and they do have wifi and I have phone service.

I will keep myself busy as some of you might know me, it’s a little hard for me to hang out a week it teaches me patients. It’s a good time to rest. I was hitting it pretty hard across Montana so I would get in ATT range.

I had Steve Koser from the Waterloo boys Southeastern two cylinder club suggest I drive in first great since I have till July 1 to arrive in Dixon, IL. Ha

Be more pictures later when I start traveling again.

Rode Smiley around Clear Lake it’s a large beautiful lake.