Crossing the Utah State Line

April 11-12 2017 News Update by Ivan

Salina, UT to Delta, UT 57 miles We hit 4000 total

Had a nice day of rest and able to work on Johnabilt and camper. Pete Decker drove 2.5 hours down from Salt Lake City to Thank me but I needed to thank him being a Navy Veteran and serve many years. He drove me to Napa for some gas filters and took me out for dinner. Thank you Pete for the nice time we had getting to know each other.

I also put three more plugs in the camper tire. There was even a 3/8 bolt stuck in the tire. It was a big hole to blug.

Started out at daybreak, 7am and headed west on 50 knowing I needed to get on interstate 15 for 10 miles. I sure was hoping I will be able to get over that mountain and back on 50 before I am told I need to get off.

I had 28 miles to Scipo, UT where I get on 15 and up over a mountain and down the other side and I get off on 50 again and than I am free at last.

As I was outside of Scipo and a 18 wheeler past me and stop and here it was Edwin Hostetler he was on a run for a load of feed ingredients.

He said their is a gas station before you get on the interstate you can fill your tanks and we can get a cup of coffee so we were discussing which would be the best him following me but I am only going 8 miles up the hill.That might bring more attention. After filling my gas tank up and buying me a cup of coffee we were on are way. I am putting up the hills counting each mile marker if I can make these 10 miles I am home free sure enough coming down the hill, I see the exit I was so excited went to reach for my air horns as I was getting off, I look over and see state troopers on the other side on the on ramp with a heavy load they were escorting and than I look up and here there was a state trooper on this side just pass the exit had some one pulled over so I didn't think it was a good idea bringing any more attention to myself. I just want to get off of this Interstate. I ran 185 miles the last three days on interstate.

And I believe in miracles especially what I was told while sitting in the barber chair after I arrived in Delta and telling the Barber how glad I was to get off of 15. He responded he couldn't believe they didn't catch up with you and told you to get off. They are a pain.

I putted up the ramp here Edwin Hostertler was waiting for me, to make sure I got off and made it back on 50. Thank you Edwin another great Samaritan. He walked back and said their is my coffee, he had set it on the generator and we left and I want you to know not a drop spilled from me driving those 10 miles and even breaking down hill.It was a nice ride to Delta this afternoon lots of farming country and Johnabilt did great today.

I am in Delta at the only campsite it got warmer up in the 70"s.

I filled the tanks up doing two loads of laundry got a haircut and found a Wells Fargo bank to make a deposit.

I think I will be heading out early. I have 94 miles to the next campsite and I am told one good size mountain to cross and than desert.

Just had a local farmer stop by and said his wife and so many people in town saw you coming through. I had to come out and see what this is all about he gave a nice donation. I ask him about his farm he milks 5000 cows move out here from Conn. Ask if he could get his friend from a nursing home that isn't doing well he thought he would love to see the rig. I am looking forward meeting his friend and showing him Johnabilt.