Cows Babies Were Running for Momma

May 18 2017 News Update by Ivan

Lemmon, SD to Mobridge, SD 88 miles

I left this morning 5;30 I knew I was going to have a long day to my next campground. Heading west on 12. As Johnabilt was running along the antelopes were running for the hills the pheasants were flying out of the bushes and the beef cows babies were running for momma.

Johnabilt just kept putting along.

It wasn't long the road got rough and I had to slow down. It was bad, those expansion cracks across the road every 100 ft and my front end is solid so this wasn't fun.

My head was bobbing one way and stomach the opposite way and I had a long ways to go..

I finally had 10 miles of new road and smooth but didn't last long, got back to the expansion cracks. Came to a small town stop for coffee and was soon on my way.

I crossed the Missouri River and came into a town Mobridge, SD. I found my campsite.

Most of the day I was crossing the Sioux Rock Indian Reservation. It was nice farming and grazing country.

So many places they save all their old equipment and old vehicles and set them out along the road.

Large grain operations. Love seeing all the large equipment.