Couldn't Out Run The Bad Odor

May 12 2017 News Update by Ivan

Stanford, MT to Lewistown, MT

Took off from Stanford, MT knowing I will have a short day only 45 miles to Lewistown, MT. The next three days are going to be a challenge according to ATT map no service shortly after I leave Lewistown and its close to 150 miles to Jordan, Mt than I will be heading south to Miles City and its possible no service those 80 plus miles.

So the next Three days I may be out of touch. I will concrete one mile at a time.

Had a nice ride today wide shoulders and good road beautiful farming and ranch country. The one train I pass had 115 cars and four engines.

In my travels today I pass a dead Antelope, wasn't much left except bones and part of the head but had some nice horns so I stop thinking. It would be nice making a skull mount. I walk back and detach the head and it smell so strong so I tied it on smileys rack, poor Smiley.

Every time I stop, I got a whiff of that dead smell.

Finally I decided after smelling this a few times. I do not need it that bad and left in in the ditch. It was a strong odor.

I came to this bulked food store and before I got their saw this sign watch for buggies for a minute I thought I was in Lancaster county.

I pulled in and put things together after seeing the house in the background I could it was a Amish house.

I stopped and went stop in and a young Amish man was at the meat stand. I said something in German and he swung around and was wondering who I am. I chatted with him and he told me there are 30 families out here right now.

He wanted to see the tractor and crawl inside and he was all smiles.

He was wishing his father was there to see it.

As I was leaving I saw him run in and now out comes 4 Amish girls and I wish I could of gotten a picture but didn't want to offend them. They were all waving as I left the parking lot.

He just couldn't understand why I wanted to drive a tractor instead of a car.

He was excited that I was going to Arthur, IL his sister just move out there. His name is Michael Miller.

I trek on into Lewistown and found my camp ground.

I am right along a main road so all day I had a steady flow of farmers, Ranchers and Veterans stop by.I really didn't get much rest.

Had the Local paper do a news report, Lewistown News-Argus