Clear Lake National Park Campground

June 4 & 5th, 2017 - News Updates by Ivan

Sunday morning I decided to move down to Clear Lake National park campground. I rode smiley down. I have Internet and phone at this park.

I only had 6 miles on the North end of the lake.

Its beautiful here all afternoon had folks stop by. Later in the day I rode Smiley downtown and also down where Paul Behr has his auction school .Their is a Bennigans, I stop and had dinner.

The weather has been beautiful.

This morning I got up and did some work on Johnabilt and took a ride around Clear Lake its 16 miles around the lake.

I will be held up here til Sat and then heading a little further east .

I have a little change of plans since I have three weeks to get to Dixon, IL I think I will be going east into Wis and then south into Grand Detour where JD made its first plow and spend a day before I head to Dixon.

This is teaching me patients after two to three days I am ready to move on.

I have a great spot and I will stay here for a few days.

I will try to be patient for 4 days and it will give me a time of rest.

Be blogging every two days till I start traveling again.