Clarkston,ID to Kamiah,ID 59 miles - Go Johnabilt Go

May 5 2017 News Update by Ivan

Clarkston,ID to Kamiah,ID 59 miles

As I was heading for the bridge over the snake river into Idaho I realize there was no place to pull over to take a picture .

I had 59 miles of same scenery today follow the Snake River on a two lane highway.

It was a beautiful ride lots of traffic and truck traffic. The DOT was repaving HYW 12 in a section of about 3 miles and only one lane traffic. I stopped and talk to the flagger and said I only travel 14. He said I will call ahead and notified the other flagger and you can start after all the cars are through.

It went ok and I got to where they were paving and all the DOT guys stop, what they were doing and wave.

It was great after that. I had the whole road to myself until they left the next group of cars through. I could see them coming in my mirror and I would try to find a place to pull off and then I would have another 40 minutes to myself till another group came that went on for 2.5 hours.

Came into Kamiah, found a campground.

I didn't have any service all day and was hoping I would at the campground but none and don't expect to have phone service for the next 150 miles.

I was able to connect on the camp WIFI.

I think I will make it a short day tomorrow. I was pushing it the last couple of days so I would be on the long stretch of 12 on Sunday, hoping I won't have as many logging trucks.

It will be the same as today following 12 along the river for another 100 plus miles narrow and not many pull offs.

The camp Adm look at me and said you are heading East. I said yes, oh no you are going over Lolo Pass, that is steep. Again, she had to say something.

It can't be any steeper than some of the other passes I experience. I said One mile at a time.

I think that will be the last big past and I will be in Montana.

I am thinking by middle of next week I should be starting to hit some flatter ground, we will see.