Blowing Across America Johnabilt Kept Right On Putting

April 28 2017 News Updates by Ivan

McDermitt, NV Oregon state Line to Crane, OR 115 miles

I looked out the window and saw it was snowing and wasn't in a hurry to head out concern the roads might be wet.

Last evening a Sherry Villalobos brought her two boys to see the tractor while we were talking I notice a nail sticking out of the front tire now that was close.

Tammey and Barry Wilkinson stop by, they own a ranch close by.

Had truck traffic this morning and the snow was blowing across the road Johnabilt kept right on putting, I knew I had a long day I was told no service till Burns, Oregon and that was 150 miles and no phone service or Internet.

When I got to Burns Junction I turn NW on 78 and had little truck or car traffic. The sun was out and it was up to 40. I had driven 50 miles and was getting sleepy already so I stopped and made some coffee and was thinking I have a long ways to go. Wasn't sure where I was going to find a cut off to pull in and camp.

The view was just beautiful had one real good pass to go over got down the other side and stop again to make coffee and pump some gas up to Johnabilt.

as I got closer to Crane I got to some big ranches with Pivot irrigation systems.

I was getting very tired and there was no place that I felt comfortable camping over night so I kept putting along sipping coffee and of course drinking that much coffee I was stopping a lot but it gave me a break, felt good to walk a bit.

I came to a small gas station and a cafe in Crane, decided to stop and top off my tanks and ask if I could stay their for the night.

They welcome me and left me hook up electric so I didn't have to run my generator.

I still didn't have phone service or Internet.

I set up and went in the cafe to get a warm meal. It wasn't long people started coming by. I was so exhausted I was in that cab close to 13 hours and we putted 115 miles that is to long. I am hoping I have shorter days.

I went to bed early and people still kept coming and knocking on the door.

Sorry sending so many picture the clouds were so beautiful I think this is less than quarter of the pictures I took over 100 I could not stop, it was so beautiful