April 19 2017 Benton, CA to Mammoth Lake, CA 46 tough miles

April 19 2017

Benton, CA to Mammoth Lake, CA 46 tough miles

Woke up this morning at 5 still getting used to this time change. I am in Pacific time now. It was 34 degrees went out started the generator up made some coffee and plug my electric heater in.

Left at daybreak and soon the road became steep. I am taking a short cut over to Mammoth Lake it will save me a lot of miles however. I was on the steeper pass than I was on during my trip on 2014. Even steeper than the CO Rockies but it was a back road and no traffic so I could take my time. I soon found out I was in higher elevation and loosing power had to shift down to 4th and one area wow I went down to 3rd it was steep, I had to be careful when I started out the front end wanted to jump up until I got started. I was chewing on Elk Jerky and holding my breath at times, my stomach was in a tight knot.

It was a long way up and a long way back down I had it in 4th at times coming down to help with the breaking. It was good I didn't have any traffic.

Got down towards the bottom and state workers were working on the road and had flaggers out they all ran for their phones as I was getting closer both flaggers but their flag out for me to stop. I stop and they were so excited and willingly all gave a donation.

Came on down around a lake and when I got to 395 that runs into Mammoth Lake I stop to make some coffee and clean my pants. No all was well.

I started the Generator up and John Stoltzfus pulled in and follow me to Mammoth Lake, showed me where the RV camp site is. He already stop there and talk to them and reserve a spot. They still have mounds of snow here.

John and Sally Stoltzfus and Rich and Sharon Good are taking me out for dinner tonight in town.

John took me back and gave me his truck to use tomorrow to go in for supplies, etc and in the afternoon John and Sally are planning to show me the area, looking forward to it.

Rich and Sharon Good came to see me at the campgrounds Rich is from Honey Brook and here I found out he is a brother to Freida, Wayne and Freida Ritter along Beaver Dam rd small world.