beautiful Rockies, me and Johnabilt and my crew Smiley, Rooster and teddy

April 10 2017 News Update by Ivan

Green River, Utah to Salina, Co 110 miles

Spelled Salina wrung in the last blog.

I was up early the unknown and a little anxious not knowing what the day will bring. I knew I had 110 miles to travel to Salina, CO and I was taking a chance getting on I-70. Yesterday I ran 65 miles on 70 ran on the shoulder the whole time.

Just hoping it wasn’t going to be a problem or I would have to travel over 100 miles north to be able to get a route west.

50 gets on 70 to till Salina. I left and day break knowing it was going to be a long day and there are no campgrounds until Sadina. I could have stayed at one of the rest areas and ran my generator but was anxious to get off of 70 before I am told to turn around and I need to go back.

I putted down 70 on the shoulder and it was nice. I could run the whole rig on shoulder lot of truck traffic and campers.

I was told there was one big mountain but wasn’t not told there was three and that they were 20 miles up and 20 miles down and had to shift down in 5th up the mountain and again down to hold back.

I am glad I wasn’t told about all this high summits however it was the most beautiful part of country to go through, I just kept taking pictures and took over a 100, every bend I was in aww.

I would be putting up one mountain and had to continue adjusting the carburetor, talk to Steve Koser and we discuss how we should be adjusting the carburetor but it wasn’t long I lost phone service and didn’t have any for 60 miles. I was out there in the beautiful Rockies, me and Johnabilt and my crew Smiley, Rooster and teddy.

My ears were glued to any unusual sound that should not be coming from Johnabilt I guess I was a little uneasy it was a work out for Johnabilt but he did great and we did a lot of praying.

I was getting sleepy and there was a look out and rest area. I pulled in and walked back to the camper and saw my one tire was going flat and could hear the air coming out. A roofing nail was stuck in the tire.

While I was plugging my tire a gentleman came by and ask if he could help. We chatted, he was in a bright yellow van Maui Ski Bus.com. Steve is 55 and skies and travels from one ski slop to another all winter long, said he is having a time of his life.

While I was fixing the tire I started the generator and made me some coffee and soon was on my way. I was told there is one big mountain you got up forever and then down for miles so every mountain I was thinking great now I am on my way down to Salina but then back up again and between their were smaller hills that would be mountains back east. I love the Rockies and it was a great experience but I am glad I am here.

After about 70 miles I stopped and pumped gas up to Johnabilt tank and at same time started the generation and made some coffee and knew it’s going to be late and a long day.

I was getting tired and your mine starts playing with you. Johnabilt kept losing power and I could not figure out why he would not pull in 6th so I would stop and put it 5th and had a hard time starting off. After the second time when I stop took my foot off the brake I would coast back so I was still going uphill but looked like it was downhill.

I am going up this steep hill and Johnabilt started to miss and was not running right I was a little up tight no phone service and anther 35 miles to go and still was not up on the top of the last summit.

I replace the spark plugs and still no difference now I am a little anxious. I pulled over and tried to adjust the carburetor and no difference, no power l stop and went out and check the fuel filter and saw some dirt in it. Took it off and replace the filter and it ran better. Thanks to Steve Koser, before I left he gave me a box of parts that I might need.

Johnabilt ran better and I made it to the top and saw a sign said elevation was 7400. Wow, I thought I would never get to the bottom 20 miles down, Johnabilt did a lot of popping.

I was with in a half mile of Salina exit and their sat a sheriff in the medium strip and I thought oh no, well I guess I am here but as I went by, he turn around and pass me and kept going.

Today was nothing but a miracle and answer to prayers believe me. I did a lot of praying along the way

Took 150 pictures I will only be able to share a few..