August 1st & 2nd At South Mountain Fair in Gettysburg, Pa

Aug 1st and 2nd 2017 Updates by Ivan

At South Mountain Fair in Gettysburg, Pa

Woke up and thought I was back on the farm. The Pigs were squealing, roosters were crowing, the sheep were baaing,the cows were moeing the goats were crying like they lost their mom ma.

I knew I was at a fair. The fair doesn’t open till 4 so the day gets a little long.

Greg and Kim came out to visit me and had a lot of folks stop by the stand.

Lyndon Sampang an Afghanistan Wounded Veteran. I met him before I left last fall at a fund raising he was so excited to see me and that I came through the area. He has his two children with him.

Friday is a special Veterans Day and evening a Country Music singer will be entertaining us.

I found a new place to get on the Internet. I was invited to another home couple miles down the road now I won’t have to sit under the apple tree.

So Yesterday morning I head down and sat at a picnic table by their house tried the pass word and no connection.

I came back to the fair and said I couldn’t get on the internet and she ask which house was I at. Well I was at the wrong house lucky I didn’t get hauled in.

I sit outside on a 5 gallon bucket. Hey you do what you need to do.

In June I was invited to a Veterans Bash in Gettysburg but never heard back from them and lost the phone number. At that time I wasn’t sure I could make it.

Yesterday I got a call and they said they would like if I could stop by. Since I was already committed at the South Mountain Fair I need to stay at the Fair so Sat right after the parade I am heading up into Gettysburg to the Gettysburg Battlefield Bash.

It’s a three day event for our PA Veterans.

They have live bands, helicopter coming in, Congressman Scott Perry just to name a few.

I am invited to stay there overnight and will be leaving there early Sunday morning.