Aug 5,6 2017 Gettysburg,PA to 3000 Compass Rd, PA

Aug 5,6 2017 - Update by Ivan

Gettysburg,Pa to 3000 Compass Rd, PA

Today Aldie and Judy King came out to south Mountain Fair to visit. We had a great time, Greg and Kim Ridinger came out to the fair grounds later and we all sat under the canopy and even had my last visitor come by, a 4 H pig that was going to be auction off later.

At 3.30 I headed South to Gettysburg had about 10 miles to travel and the local Gettesbury Police were meeting me at the edge of town. Greg rode with me.

We met the Police and after taking some pictures headed through town and they did a great job had their sirens on as we went through the square and south, pass the National Cemetery to the Pike Grill and Bar.

They had a Veterans event going on and we were invited to attend. We had a great reception and I stayed their for the night.

I knew I had around 80 miles for Sunday for my final destination, so I got up early and headed out around 6 stop for a cup of coffee and filled my tank with gas at Sheetz.

I headed east on 30 and had lots of thoughts going through my mind. Hard to believe after 8,300 miles and through 31 states this is the last day i will be traveling and I will be able to see my family and friends in Pa.

I headed through York, very little traffic since it was early Sunday morning. I continue across the Wrightesville Bridge across the Susquehanna River. I could fill the tears flowing down my cheek knowing this is coming to an end and the same time thinking what a trip.

Through many Prayers for my safety and Johnabilt running smoothly we were as a team trying to bring comfort to so many Veterans and first responders.

So many miracles happen along the way.

As I got closer to Lancaster the traffic got heavier and a lot of stop signs but I was in good time so I took my time.It was hard to hold Johnabilt back, he was like a old horse he smelled home and wanted to run.

After running on RT 462 through York and picked up 30 in Lancaster to Bridgeport, I picked up 340. I stopped in Bridgeport to top my gas tank off and I got a sandwich since I hadn't eaten all day.

Headed east on 340 past Keystone Wood Specialties and Sam Stoltzfus and his wife (Owners) were out waving as I went by. Made me feel at home.

Arrived at Bird n Hand Restaurant Parking lot and met up with West Caln Township Police and 17 Veteran Bikers to Escort me the rest of the way home.

It was a humbling experience I felt so unworthy but knowing it was to bring awareness for so many who fought for my freedom.

We rode through the small town of Intercourse and east of Intercourse my good friends Dave and and Rose Stoltzfus's whole family were out waving.

Rt 340 through Lancaster County has a lot of Amish Carriages out on a Sunday afternoon so it was interesting to see their expressiveness on their faces as we putted by.

We continue on 340 and got to the white Horse Luncheonette in White Horse my sisters and cousins were there waving as I went by..

The Wagontown Fire Company with 4 trucks or units were there waiting and took the lead as the police followed in back of me.

Stevie Stoltzfus who bought my home farm follow me home from Lancaster on his bike.

As I was putted up the last small hill to 3000 Compass Rd, Honey Brook. I realize the only away this was possible was through God leading the way.

As I got closer to the farm with firetrucks ahead of me. I am hearing sirens and police in back and 17 Harley"s roaring in front of me and Johnabilt putting along knowing he is almost home, as I got close to my driveway I see my 4 Grand Children holding up a sign WELCOME BACK IVAN AND JOHNABILT. And many friends there to welcome me home. That's when I lost it and couldn't hold my emotion in any longer.

It was a great trip and I could not have done it alone,it was a team effort.I want to Thank everyone for all their Prayers and support, it was a team effort. I will be continuing to bring awareness and doing fund raising events for our veterans and first responders, even though Johnabilt is back in Pa the mission must continue. Stay tune.