Aug 3rd and 4th - South Mountain Fair. Gettysburg, PA​​

Aug 3,4 2017 Update by Ivan - South Mountain Fair. Gettysburg, PA

Aug 3

Rode Smiley down to my perch in front of a farmhouse on a stone wall to check on my e-mails and then up 3 miles under the apple tree to make a few phone calls.

While I was there I get a phone call from Steve and Wilma who drove out 2 hours to surprise me from Lancaster.

Steve and Wilma Koser thinking about cruising out on Smiley. I really do think they are thinking about becoming bikers.

They didn’t realize the fair doesn’t open until 4 pm so we drove up into Gettysburg and toured the Battlefield and they took me out for lunch. On the way back we visited the famous Historic Round Barn Built in 1914.

We drove back to the fair and I had more visitors from Lancaster County, Bob Gennie Bell. We visited part of the afternoon under the canopy while we had a heavy rain storm move through.

The sun came out and we had a large group of people by 7 pm. sold a number of books and hats and at 9; 30 they put off fireworks.

Aug 4

Friday the sun is out and starting to get excited about putting east on Sunday.

I expect a large crowd today at the fair, they are remembering our Veterans. Color Guard will be performing at 6.

John Conlee a Country Singer will be performing at 7;30 pm.

I was invited to Larry Swartz house for lunch and to use their Wi Fi.

Larry Swartz is a Pa Auctioneer friend of that only lives 1.5 from the fair.

Things are looking up, I now have a nice patio and cushion chairs to sit on to update my blogging.

Thank You Larry and Chris Swartz for the fun fellowship and a great lunch. I love sweet corn and stuff cabbage.

Auctioneer's helping Auctioneer's.