All morning waving and blowing their air horns I would just blow back.

May 24 2017 News Update by Ivan

Madison, SD to Pipestone, MN 46 miles

Left Madison, SD headed east on 34 came stop for gas and soon had a gathering around the tractor. Headed on East and stop in at Colman for a cup of coffee and again all the local farmers and truck drivers having their coffee and came out and I drove in. Number of them were veterans and thank me for bringing awareness and bought my coffee and egg sandwich I chatted with them a while and was on my way.

It was a short day so I was taking my time knowing I should get to Pipestone, Minnesota before noon.

A lot of grain trucks and traveling this morning all waving at me or blowing their air horns and I would blow back.

Arrived at the Minnesota state line stop to take pictures it was nice having a day that I didn't feel I needed to rush.

I was looking forward this day the family of Vernon Peterson were bringing their 94 year old father to see me and driving 60 some miles.

Vernon farm out here and still has couple of his old John Deere's and the family were following me and telling him about my mission well he had to meet me.

I arrived at my camp site and they allow me to wash my rig I was so glad it was dirty from all the rain I have been through.

I set up and wash the rig and wasn't long till they all arrived Vernon and I hit it off he wanted to know all about the Johnabilt why we did this or that and seem excited to have made the trip.

We spent some time together there was 12 children in the family couple of his boys and brother in law and grandson's were along.

He knew his John Deere A the man is full of knowledge. I love hearing his stories telling how he got his new A and would plow all night his wife would bring food out at midnight and he would plow till the sun came up and then left someone else plow during the day. He said I love to hear the sound of the A.

He ask me to start Johnabilt he wanted to hear it as I started it he got a big smile.

We talk about the clutch if I have to adjust it at times and top of that he said there are 3 bolts in their that you tighten. I question him and said I think there are 4 I wasn't sure.

He kept saying no I am 94 years old and work on these old tractors and I think there are 3.

Before he left I said let's settle this right now. I got my tools and took the clutch plate off and as I did, he got a big smile there are only 3. I will never question a 94 year old gentleman that knows his JD A. We all had a good laugh and that made his day.

Two of his boys farm a lot of acres North of here and are hoping I will come out some time and visit them. Would be so neat.

My new GPS tracking device just got drop off by UPS I will attempt to mount it need to call US Fleet tomorrow to get it set up.

Hoping it will work and I can be tracked again.