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March 31 2017 News Update by Ivan

Lamar, Co to Fowler, Co 70 miles

I decided to leave at day break but after looking out realizing it was drizzling and very foggy. I decided it wasn't safe so I went back to bed for another hour.

When I decided it was clear enough. I headed west on 50 it was drizzling and 42 later in the day it drop to 38. I was cozy in the cab and kept right on putting west lots of farm land and some large feed lots.

Pretty neat irrigation systems they have.

More trains.

Wasn't a very nice day for taking pictures it was drizzling and foggy all day.

I hear 50 miles North of me they are having a snow storm up to a foot. I am cozy in the camper.

They are calling for more rain tomorrow and clearing off on Sunday.

Planning on heading to Pueblo, Co tomorrow and hang out their a few days.

Looking forward to a shorty day tomorrow I think only 51 miles.