A Viet Nam Vet bought my 2014 "A DREAM TO REALITY" book on Amazon.

May 4 2017 News Update by Ivan

Pendleton, Or to Dayton, Washington 64 miles

Left Pendleton,Or soon after daybreak. Headed north on 11 into the state of Washington through through town of Walla Walla, it was nice traveling had a shoulder to run but lots of traffic but they were able to get around. Some rolling hills. I was in aww the beautiful wheat fields and I could not believe the steep hill side they are farming wheat on.

Putting up the road I see in my mirrow a sprayer operator coming up behind me I could stay ahead of him at 14 mph but I had to shift down on a hill and he caught up and pass my but I shifted back up to 6th and stay up with him Johnabilt was proud.

Stop to make some coffee and a Viet Nam Vet stopped to thank me and ask to take pictures he bought one of my 2014 books. By the way,which are for sale on Amazon. (A DREAM TO REALITY).

I headed on up the road it was open farm country. I was enjoying myself came to Waitsburg, Or. pull into a gas station for gas. Filled up and a gentleman came out and said let me send some oil along. He came out with 4 cases of oil enough to change oil twice. Thank You, more Good Samaritans. I have four cases of oil in the bathroom I am loaded down.

We got to chatting with Ethan Carpenter and John Hancock part of Ag-link company.

They were so kind we got to talking my next campgrounds and I mention I hope I can wash my rig it's been so dirty from all the dust and stones on the shoulder from the winter.

He said right their is a hose and you can wash it right here. Wow more Good Samaritans I feel so blessed.

I even had hot water to help get some of the grease off of the engine.

More Veterans stop in, I was having a hard time getting it wash but it was all good.

I left their and puttee up outside of Dayton and found my campsite.

I jump on Smiley and headed in town for some milk.

I am camping on the Lewis and Clark trail and I am told where my camper sits is where the Tucannon Indians camp, sorry but I am to exhausted to do any Indian dance tonight.

Today after I got above Walla Walla. I turn Johnabilt to the East and now we are heading East it's hard holding him back. I think he is like a horse he smells or knows we are heading for Pa but I reminded my whole grew Johnabilt,rooster,Smiley and small Teddy, one mile at a time we have many miles to go and lots of work to accomplish plus many mountain passes to cross till we get into corn country.