A Butterfly Could Out Fly Johnabilt - What an insult !

April 24 2017 - News Update by Ivan

Middlegate Station, NV to Austin, NV 64 miles

Left 378 and 50 junction at Middlegate Station. I pulled in their yesterday after 81 miles through the desert and I was so tired nothing else for another 80 miles.

I filled up with gas and got a hamburger and they left me set up in the parking lot overnight.

It was 40 degrees when I got up started up the generator for some heat and made some coffee and was on my way.

Again lots of mountain passes and deserts came up to Cold Springs cafe stop for a cup of coffee and a egg sandwich for on the way and the owner was a veteran and said its on me. The place was full of all kinds of big game mounts and he said they were all shot with in 50 miles of their.

This was the only civilization I saw rest of the day until I got to Austin, NV.

Putting along Johnabilt pop and a Jackalope came taring across the highway in front of me.

Had more big mountain passes and desert. I am looking foreword running on some flat Ill corn country roads again.

Lots of history the signs say Rt 50 was a pony express trail in 1860 to 1861 and the bar and restaurant was active during that time.

Two gentleman riding across America met up with me at Middlegate Station they left San Francisca's and hope to finish up in Kitty Hawk, NC or is that SC.

We joke about who will get to the East coast first.

Today it was warm enough to have my windows open for awhile and a big fly, we always called them a horse fly, flew in my window I chase it out and it sat on my wind shield out side and than flew ahead of me, just like yesterday with the butterfly this fly could out fly Johnabilt what an insult.

I arrived at Austin and wow, the town is on a steep hill, I putted up the hill to a gas station, pass a Nevada State police and he waved at me. Fill my tank and they told me the campground is back down the hill on your left so I putted back down in 4th gear it was so steep pass the police man again by now i am sure he is wondering. Got down and didn't see anything about a Austin campground pulled over and of course my GPS didn't have service. I saw a ATT truck stop up the road so I got Smiley off his perch and went up and ask him and he said no sign but the next dirt road to your right. I loaded Smiley up and putted up hill, I turn right and wow it drop off real steep as I was going down in 3rd gear a car came up and I ask them if I have the right road She said yes their is a camp ground half a mile but no hookups or shower.

That didn't suit me. She said you Can go East of town there is one at the Baptize church they have showers and full hook up so I putted back up the mountain town in 4th and wow made me weary no guard rails and drop off to my right. I made it up and a little country church right up on the side of the mountain and I have full hook ups. I didn't have Internet till now not sure if I will be able to send this off.

Was planning on staying here two nights Lindford Miller is planning on picking me up in the morning and taking me East to see his Ranch he farms a lot of Hay.

Hopefully I can get my blogging done and planning on staying here till Wed morning trying to get rest. I have a 91 mile run on Wed to head up to Battle Mountain more desert and Mountains.

When I pulled into the camp grounds the wind pick up and it was snowing, its back in the 40 and windy and fairly high elevation here.

As i was coming into town I notice a sign said Austin Roping Area but it was pointing into a graveyard not sure who they are trying to rope. I did see a road further up the road.

Interesting old town dates a way back.